Hundreds of people have lost weight following programs designed by Lenny Walls. He has a knack for getting his clients optimal results in minimal time. Whether it be Online training, One-on-One training, or Semi-Private Training sessions, he has helped clients past and present lose anywhere from 5 to 80 lbs.
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“I was very overweight when I first came to Lenny with a body fat well over 30% I needed to lose a lot of weight for my own health and wellbeing. Lenny helped me with the training and coaching as well as what I should be eating. He holds you accountable for your part when you are not training with him. He monitors your weight weekly as well as ask you about you have been eating just to make sure you headed down the right path. To sum it all up if you mean serious business about your health Lenny is the trainer to see, he doesn’t slack and he really is passionate about what he does to help other become a better version of themselves.”

Jose FernandezOne-on-One Personal Training

“I started meal replacement shakes a year before I started training with Mr.Walls I had lost 11lbs, but had just plateaued for a couple months. I started his plan and lost another 9+ lbs working out and with only 25 to 39 mins a day. (That’s all the time I had, with 3 littles at home) I feel amazing physically & mentally!! When I ran into some health challenges Mr. Walls was on top of it and made any and all adjustments needed! Can't wait to start my next 90days with him!!”

Rebecca WollmanOnline Training Program

Anytime I have gotten off track with my weight, WNLF is where I turn too, to get back on track. I have lost weight within a month on his workout regimen and meal plan. I continue to train with Mr. Walls because of the results I get in the end.

Marie WilsonOne-on-One Personal Training

Lenny Walls is the truth.
Want muscle? Lenny Walls.
Want to lose weight? Lenny Walls.
Want to get conditioned? Lenny Walls.
I’ve been on my fitness journey about 5 years now and have worked with a few trainers....Lenny is THE most comprehensive, all-inclusive workout trainer that I’ve encountered. He makes the hard work or as he calls it, “The Hustle” entertainment! He introduces you to a lifestyle of being better. He not only grooms your body but he conditions your thinking, putting you in the right mindset to accelerate your progress and physical achievement. Just starting out? His style is adaptable to all fitness levels. Will you work hard? Absolutely. Can you do it? He’ll make sure of that. Will you see results? Guaranteed. Next level? Yep.... they mean it.

Suzette BrooksSemi Private Training

I’ve known Lenny for a couple years now through business. I first got into fitness after my dad passed away, I ran into Lenny in Las Vegas and he first offered to train me. Saying yes was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Lenny laid out a game plan for my goals and we got to work. He has been there for anything I’ve needed. Answered every question and keeps on me about being disciplined. He helped me create an environment to grow. He has the knowledge to get done what you want done. I haven’t looked back since working with him and I never will.

Garrett Augustus SchmidtOnline Training Program

I've been training with Lenny for a little over 2 years now and I've had a few trainers before him but he is definitely the best one I've had. I've gained a little over 15lbs of muscle since I've been training with him and I continue to see improvements with myself and I get a quality and intense workouts every time.

Taylor CrawfordOne-on-One Personal Training

Lenny is truly an impactful and effective trainer. Constantly pushing me towards my fitness goals in a positive way that consistently motivates me. Highly recommend him no matter what fitness level you're at.

Erica TorresOne-on-One Personal Training

Lenny Walls, is an absolute BEAST! There is a lot to be said about the trainer who will do a lot more than stand behind you watching. Lenny embodies the lifestyle he promotes, and never has his clients do anything he wouldn’t do himself. If you want a trainer who will make you strong physically AND mentally, he’s the man for you! He’s helped me lose over 30 lbs. and find amazing self-belief and confidence. Lenny see’s the potential in people before they see it themselves and finds a way to bring it out. No excuses, no coddling, only results!

Ymelda SalasOnline Training Program