Meal Plans

Failure to Prepare is essentially preparing to Fail.

With busy lives, a rise in fast food restaurants and the instant gratification environment we live in today, planning ahead to have the right food choices to hand at the right times, can help you stay on track and achieve your goals. However successful diet planning also relies on skills such as nutrition knowledge, understanding of food labels, portion control, and calorie awareness.



This meal plan focus’ on weight loss, muscle-building and weight management. Ultimate meal plains are tailored to your desired protein source, and what foods are best suited to help you achieve your goals. Allergies & dietary restrictions are all taken into account when creating your meal plan. You will receive a full weekly calendar of all meals, snacks, shakes, and workouts built around your daily routines.

Ultimate Meal Plans include:

  • Formal Dietary Analysis
  • Recommended Snack Guide
  • Protein Shake Recipe Guide
  • Full Meal Recipes
  • Full Shopping List
  • Complete 24/7 Meal Schedule


Ultimate Meal Plan


This meal plan option is composed of 3 different stages, each one brings you closer to your optimal health. Designed specifically for those suffering from severe ailments that need to completely turn their life around.

The Perfect Health Program

Stage 1

Stage one will clean the body by eating minimally and eliminate all sugars, starches, grains, all animal products, processed food, genetically modified food, and all drinks except water. You will maintain a completely organic diet, allowing the body to eliminate harmful toxins due to past eating habits.

* Common improvements in this stage: Eliminated Cravings, Improved Mental Clarity, Increased Energy

Stage 2

During stage we will introduce healthy starches, a minimal amount of fruit and specific supplements meant to aid the body in the rebuilding process. This stage will re-nourish the body, giving it everything needed to achieve perfect health.

Common improvements in this stage: Improved Sleeping, Reduced Joint Pain, Significant Weight Loss

Stage 3

We reintroduce you to specific animal products that you may sustain as part of your perfect health eating regimen. You will create sustainable eating habits during this stage that will encourage perfect health in your life.

Common improvements in this stage: Eliminated Acne, Eliminated Heartburn, Memory Improvement


High Risk Meal Plan